The house is located along an ancient route that connected the coast with the interior through hills dotted with Neolithic settlements. With spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, the house began as a resting place for travelers going through Puerto Blanquillo pass.

Today the place is surrounded by peace and tranquility, wild fauna and flora, olive groves… The farmhouse has been the home of different generations who have tilled the land surrounding it.

It is located at the foot of a hill that was planted with almond trees, hence the beautiful name of the farm: El Cerro del Almendral (Almond Grove’s Hill). Unfortunately, many years ago there was a big fire that burned almost all of those almonds trees… but the farmhouse always retained its name. Over time the mountain has recovered and is now covered with oaks, almonds, broom and a variety of wildflowers and grasses.

Sustainable tourism that respects the environment is very important and therefore we have built-in features that make it possible. The use of renewable energy: solar power for hot water, underfloor heating and cooling system. The wood used in the fireplace and barbecue comes from the prunings of the olive trees that surround the farmhouse. Rainwater is harvested and stored in a water tank, which together with the water from a nearby spring is used to irrigate the garden, keep the pool full and flows through a fountain whose sound relaxes and refreshes.

From the panoramic terrace you can enjoy beautiful sunsets that invite you to eat al fresco what you cook on the barbecue… in an oasis of tranquility.

We offer quality accommodation in the countryside of Western Granada where you can relax and enjoy nature with family or friends. The farmhouse keeps many original features where we are sure you will enjoy a break with authentic Andalusian flavour.

It is located in the district of Loja, the most important of the region. The house is 20km from Loja, 4km from Ventorros de San José and Zagra and 1 km from La Viña (nearest villages with shops and restaurants). Its central location gives easy access to the provinces of Granada, Málaga and Córdoba.