Liquid Gold Workshop
Future Workshops

We are eager to share our knowledge of the area as well as our involvement with the ecology of the environment and have prepared two workshops for your enjoyment.

If interested let us know at least a week in advance of your arrival at the house. Then we would agree the day and time for it to be held in the farmhouse.

LIQUID GOLD WORKSHOP (Introduction to Olive Oil Tasting)

Western Granada is well known for its great olive-growing tradition. The farmhouse is surrounded by olive trees that are harvested each year to obtain that precious “liquid gold”. Not all trees are equal and therefore not all oils have the same taste, colour, smell…

We will explain the basic characteristics of 4 varieties of olive oil and their main differences and in tasting them you will appreciate those yourselves.


We plan to offer other workshops in the future on Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga, natural cosmetics, local flora appreciation, bird watching, farming olives, olive oil production…